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 January 2014 article:  "2013 Was a good year ... 2014 Will Be better still"

* Loved your article. Yes, our world is in need of healing, and deep healing. And yes, I hope that in the new year "C" confrontation (and I would add competition) will be replaced by a "C" of togetherness (and cooperation). (Claire, Ottawa)

* I loved your news article. Especially I liked the paragraph about Hadfield and Mandela, it was so brilliantly written, so beautiful and inspiring. (Linda Orleans)

 Wow, what a busy year you have had, and such excitement! I envy you for all your projects and your numerous talents. (With great admiration, Marie R., Orleans)

* Alberte, an excellent article and well argued! I like your conclusion, "Collaboration is better than confrontation." I hope that 2014 is productive and positive. (Diane, Cumberland) 

* Your 2013 summary is well presented. Ultimately health, joy of life, love for all those around you ... I'm sure for you the year has passed quickly. You have accomplished a lot and you have left traces behind you ! I admire you greatly! Even in retirement, you enjoy yourself immensely while working to help your friends and you growing family. I wish you good health, a very long life and continued happiness with all those you frequent. Your smile reflects your soul and the love you have for all, without exception. ( Robert B., Ottawa)

 *  Alberte, thank you for ALLOWING me to know you a little better through your website ... Our meeting was very pleasant. I now feel privileged to have met a great "AUTHOR", so great, yet "SIMPLE" ( in a good sense). Continue to use your talent in the service of others. Your grandchildren should be proud to have such a talented grandma. (Roxane, Ottawa)

February article: "To love and be loved ... not only on Valentine's Day"

* Dear Alberte, you just sent us the MOST important article of all those you have published to date, that of "LOVE".  It should be read all high school  and university students as it has great value  for all chosen relationships: with your spouse, love for your parents, brothers and sisters.  Actually this is a topic of interest to all human beings.  Alberte, many thanks! (Anita, Ottawa)

* Alberte, your article struck just the right chord to lead up to Valentine's Day when people tend to become either cynical or overly sentimental. (Bobbi F. Graham, Gatineau, Que.)

*  Bravo, Alberte! A significant reminder of the kind of love and friendship we need. I love your Valentine's wish  for the year! (Geneviève Hone, Ottawa)

*  A wonderful article! You just get better and better as a writer! (Don G., Ottawa) 

THANK YOU for your item in favour of the love that should be practiced all year long! We are lucky to know people who have a heart of gold and do not forget to please others. (Juliette, Ottawa)

March article - article de mars: "Amazing women from the past to the present"

* Congratulations, Alberte! I did not know these wonderful women! It's so nice to recognize and validate their importance. You share a common factor with these women of resilience who keep smiling DESPITE the weather. Happy International Women's Day! (Lysette Brochu, Gatineau, Qué.)

* Thank you and congratulations, Alberte, for your article about famous women! We admired and were touched by Dr. Annie Powers, a star in the firmament! (Gilberte, Rockland, Ont.)

* Thanks for your interesting item! Times were not always easy. I admire women who were able to take it in stride. My friend, Rolande, went to Haiti for two weeks to work with Mireille Roy who is very brave and devoted to her cause. (Pierrette, Embrun, Ont.) 

April article - article d'avril: "Intergenerational Storytelling"

* Alberte, I loved your story! Can not believe how much Lea looks like her mother. You must be so proud of your family! (Ronnie from Florida)

* Beautiful story! Margaret Mead's quote is in line with your philosophy. And the best part of the story was remembering the famous ice cream bar covered in chocolate and nuts. Yummy! Nothing like it to take you back in time when you thought of nothing else but to break the chocolate gently so you wouldn't drop any, then take the time to lick the fresh, cold ice cream. Yumm! Yumm! Congratulations, you made me yearn for this delight. Beautiful real life story! (Lucie Thériault, Embrun)

* Very nice collection of many memories. Amazing how life has changed! At times, you would think we lived two hundred years ago. Yet, it hasn't been so long... (Colette, Ottawa)