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The Real McCoy or a clone - (Feb.) Bravo Alberte! an eye opener and reminder of what was good about him. (Marie, Ottawa, Ont.)
Narcissism and its counterparts: past, present and future - (March)

Alberte, keep writing your insightful stories. I’m sure you are inspiring as well as helping many people. Thanks! (Linda, Ottawa, Ont.)

Stop bullying... Inspire instead of intimidating. (May)

Congratulations! Good job! Let's speak up about bullying. (Pat, Ottawa, Ont.)

Authenticity: How can I be more real? (June)

Beautiful as usual. Thanks for sharing; sure appreciate those good tips. (Nicole, Ottawa, Ont.)

Another good one! Congratulations, Alberte! (Joan, Ottawa, Ont.)

Le Sentier des auteurs and Linart Gallery (September)

You are a woman with a multitude of talents...layers of insight and I am soooo pleased for you! (Angela Verlaeckt-Clark)






I enjoyed your article "Grandparenting on Demand" in True North Perspective (April 3rd). I truly believe what you are saying. I miss having my grandchildren around to love and play with as you are doing. My love for them is shown in my writing. You are a very good person. (Roberta Dupont, Ottawa Ont.) *** Visit Roberta's website to find out about her children's books:

"Grandparenting on demand" What a nice story! Grandchildren give us our second wind. (Debby Stinson, Navan, Ont.)

You should be bursting with pride. Your articles are well written and well received by everyone. Your talent is shining!! (Arline Boyd, Victoria, B.C.)

What you say about grandparenting is so true! (Denis Dagenais, Gatineau, Qué.)

I just read your article on "Uninvited Critters...". I found it very interesting and amusing. I never realized what a challenge these pests pose for gardeners. Looking forward to your next article! (Nicole Rousssin, Orléans, Ont.)

I loved your article "Nova Scotia beckons" and the photos are beautiful. (Stephen Nelson, Ottawa, Ont.)

"Farewell and godspeed" is another thoughtful and brilliant article that will touch many people, not just teachers. (Arline Boyd, Victoria B.C.)

This week's article, "Are we scheduling ourselves silly?" is first-class writing. When you write in the first person singular, the words jump off the page. We, the readers, are instantly there with you in your life, going from childcare, to weeding carrots, to errands, to taking your mum to the dentist. We chuckle often too as we see ourselves in your words. Quoting Wayne Dyer will inspire readers to look at his book. (Arline Boyd, Victoria, B.C.)

"Have your vacation plans ever bombed?" was excellent! What wonderful memories we have of that trip! Your writing is so "from the heart". We also enjoyed the other articles, especially the one about the garden pests. You are a "true northern", my dear! (Mary-Lou and Ron, Arnprior, Ont.)

Dear Alberte, regarding your article "Remembering Grandpa", it is always nice to have and hold those memories that are just so dear to us; sometimes if only we could hold on just a little longer... Yes, I do like reading you in TNP. (Dianne Frigon, Carlsbad Springs, Ont.)

I was pleased to read your article on "The Secret" in the Sept. 19th TNP. I feel the same way about this self-help movement, which includes a wide range of popular (and very rich) motivational speakers who have been scamming the public for many years. Some of the supporters of "The Secret" (like Oprah) have good intentions, but most are just exploiting human greed and laziness. People who buy this book also line up to spend hard-earned money (money they really need to buy healthy food) on lottery tickets. I think TV has perpetuated this, with its talk shows where members of the audience often receive items for showing up, and reality shows where people humiliate themselves for a chance to win a million dollars. (Barbara Florio Graham, Gatineau, Québec) ** Please check her website in the website section

I really enjoyed your article on The Secret (Sept.18th)! Certainly, I can agree that the way the book and movie presented the law of attraction did not take into consideration many factors - including the perseverance of which you write. "Belief" that you can persevere with positive outcomes has always assisted me in achieving my goals. (Cheryll Driskell, Ottawa, Ont.) ** Please check her website in the website section

In "Don't be fooled by The Secret", I liked your thoughts on "inspiration" - learning to use your intuition in order to make positive changes. And of course, I loved the photo! Alberte, you express yourself so well. What a gift! (Mary-Lou Riley, Arnprior, Ont.)

I learned at a young age to use my intuitive skills. It has opened many doors and still today, I go through life on a hunch. (Dianne Frigon, Carlsbad Springs, Ont.)

I really loved your article of Oct. 9th, "Time to count your blessings". It generated many memories of growing up with the love of family and extended family. Those of us who have had the experience of such love and devotion are more able to be giving, caring individuals. This shows in your writings and in the way you live your life. (Roberta Dupont, Ottawa, Ont.)

Sure enjoyed your article "How to beat the November blues". Keep spreading the positive attitude. No wonder you look too young to be 60! Happy belated birthday! (Nicole Roussin, Orléans, Ont.)

I enjoyed your article "Sue McGarvie celebrates Libido Day". You raised many interesting issues, starting with the difference in response between men and women. Men just have to look at a naked form or even photos and many (not all) get aroused. It's a biological survival mechanism. Women evolved differently bacause they had more to risk from sex, namely pregnancy. Of course love and trust are important and so is foreplay that starts outside the bedroom with kindness, compliments and flirtations. But in general, these things are more important for women because men still can have great sex with someone they don't even like and still return to their wife or girlfriend because they need love to. Anyway, great read!! (Sigrid Macdonald, Ottawa, Ont.)

"Has our society lost touch?" Excellent topic and presentation! Touching is so very important! I would not be here without it. When I was quite sick in my 20's, I believe it saved my life to receive that loving energy that people provide. As an energy therapist, I can see the difference in people's bodies and energy fields when they are touched. Great idea and great work! (Cheryl Driskell, Ottawa, Ont.)

It was a pleasure to read your super interesting and informative article, "Life is all about creating beautiful memories". I am happy to know you spent precious moments with your sweetheart. (Cécile Landriault, Orléans, Ont.)

Welcome back! I like your positive attitude, always looking for the good. It's all in how we look at things and it makes it easier with the people we surround ourselves with. I like to think I am the same way. (Debbie Stinson, Ottawa, Ont.)

"Life is all about creating beautiful memories" How true! When holidays have come and gone, memories live on for always. Hope you enjoyed your time in Florida as much as I did. Can't wait to read you again! (Dianne Frigon, Carlsbad Springs, Ont.)

"Alberte, you are becoming very proficient at taking some simple, everyday experience that we have all had and turning it into a gem of wisdom. You make us realize that sometimes we look but don't really see the beauty that surrounds us because we are too busy seeking superficial pleasures, satisfying the ego. It's amazing how many things in our own surroundings that we are ignorant of. On your article on Haiti it's amazing how many people ignore the pleas for our humanitarian response to this horrific disaster because they are not directly affected by it." (Roberta Dupont, Ottawa, Ont.)

Thank you for your article "You can't always trust Cupid..."! It is good for long-time married couples such as Michel and I to read your comments and verify that the parameters of our relationship still stand despite the reversals and obstacles life can reserve for us. It is so true that we must be adaptable and willing to embrace change. I know couples who were not capable of evolving (stuck in the sixties) and unfortunately did not survive. I firmly believe a network of good friends is an excellent way to keep your couple in good health. When you can discuss with people who are going through the same things, they become your "sounding board" and allow you to re-evaluate your couple. (Lise Châtelain, Gatineau, Qué.)

"Who is protecting your blind side?" Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us. You couldn't have captured the essence of athleticism better. In Joannie's case, I believe she had several million "moms" out there, carrying the torch for her mom and feeling her spirit guiding her daughter as always. With our Olympics over, there is no doubt there are mixed feelings amongst the athletes, let alone their Nations, whether it be successes, failures, losses or progress. But there is no doubt that TIME and BELIEF is a factor, without which, where would anyone be? Look at you! Using your own talent to share the images you project through words... and that is a gift as well, but has taken "time and belief". Thank you once again! (Dawn McCourt, Beaver Harbour, Nova Scotia)

Thank you for this awe inspiring article. Just like good wine, you are getting better with time. (notice I did not say with age) I must say your writings reflect a mature philosophy that comes with life's experiences. I too believe there are no coincidences. Keep up the good work. I truly enjoy your articles. (Nicole Roussin, Orléans, Ont.)

"How far have we come?" This is a great article, and so true! Thanks for sharing that insight. (Elizabeth Raymond, Ottawa, Ont.)

Dear Alberte, once again, you have written a great article on Love turning to violence. By pure coincidence, I was reading a popular magazine. In it, there is an article on Reese Witherspoon, a young actress and Avon Global Ambassador, who was in Washington on March 10 to raise awareness about violence against women. She says that women have to discuss this issue openly because there is still a lot of shame associated with it. Talking about it takes some of the stigma off it. If we talk about this topic with our children (boys & girls), they can be inspired to eradicate violent behaviour. One thing still puzzles me about love turning to violence: Was it really love in the first place since love is about giving? Isn't it? (Nicole Roussin, Orléans, Ont.)

"Spring has sprung early this year" is certainly heart-warming! It touched my heart as it reminded me of the times when my son was that age and how fast these moments pass us by. I hope I will be blessed with grandchildren one day, because I realize that for me, connecting with young children were the best days of my life. (Mirella Zanetti, Ottawa, Ont.)

"Unforgettable Memories" Wonders never cease! Your encounter was certainly an example of the law of attraction at work in the quantum field matrix. (Mirella Zanetti, Ottawa, Ont.)

Even in 2010, manic-depressive disease is diagnosed more often as a burnout condition but in fact is a lack of serotonin in our brain. Depression is recognized in general by medical practitioners but not well-handled as a disease where they should refer their patients to experts, such as psychiatrists. Instead, they quickly hand out various prescriptions or blame it on menopause or job related stress, etc.

You don't wear anxiety and anguish on your sleeve! There's no outward sign, visible bleeding or bone fractures ... Depression is held inside the mind and the wear and tear of many months or years often leads to suicide. I have battled this disease for many years. I am on lifetime medication, a serotonin drug. Should I fail to take it for a period of time, it brings me down again to depression and anxiety. Alberte Villeneuve-Sinclair's article, "Unforgettable Moments", reminded me of how sorry I felt for Mrs. Trudeau and the compassion I had for her as she was mocked and ridiculed because of her manic-depressive episodes by the TV and press media who had no consideration for her torment and anguish.

Count your blessings if you never have to live this day by day, inner anguish caused by a chemical brain imbalance, which today is treated more easily with readily available medications and paid for by our Canadian Health Insurance.

—(Bob Beauchemin, Ottawa.