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Comments 2013-2014

 January 2014 article:  "2013 Was a good year ... 2014 Will Be better still"

* Loved your article. Yes, our world is in need of healing, and deep healing. And yes, I hope that in the new year "C" confrontation (and I would add competition) will be replaced by a "C" of togetherness (and cooperation). (Claire, Ottawa)

* I loved your news article. Especially I liked the paragraph about Hadfield and Mandela, it was so brilliantly written, so beautiful and inspiring. (Linda Orleans)

 Wow, what a busy year you have had, and such excitement! I envy you for all your projects and your numerous talents. (With great admiration, Marie R., Orleans)

* Alberte, an excellent article and well argued! I like your conclusion, "Collaboration is better than confrontation." I hope that 2014 is productive and positive. (Diane, Cumberland) 

* Your 2013 summary is well presented. Ultimately health, joy of life, love for all those around you ... I'm sure for you the year has passed quickly. You have accomplished a lot and you have left traces behind you ! I admire you greatly! Even in retirement, you enjoy yourself immensely while working to help your friends and you growing family. I wish you good health, a very long life and continued happiness with all those you frequent. Your smile reflects your soul and the love you have for all, without exception. ( Robert B., Ottawa)

 *  Alberte, thank you for ALLOWING me to know you a little better through your website ... Our meeting was very pleasant. I now feel privileged to have met a great "AUTHOR", so great, yet "SIMPLE" ( in a good sense). Continue to use your talent in the service of others. Your grandchildren should be proud to have such a talented grandma. (Roxane, Ottawa)

February article - February article: "To love and be loved ... not only on Valentine's Day"

* Dear Alberte, you just sent us the MOST important article of all those you have published to date, that of "LOVE".  It should be read all high school  and university students as it has great value  for all chosen relationships: with your spouse, love for your parents, brothers and sisters.  Actually this is a topic of interest to all human beings.  Alberte, many thanks! ( Anita, Ottawa)

* Alberte, your article struck just the right chord to lead up to Valentine's Day when people tend to become either cynical or overly sentimental. (Bobbi F. Graham, Gatineau, Que.)

Bravo, Alberte! A significant reminder of the kind of love and friendship we need. I love your Valentine's wish  for the year! (Geneviève Hone, Ottawa)

A wonderful article! You just get better and better as a writer! (Don G., Ottawa) 

* THANK YOU for your item in favour of the love that should be practiced all year long! We are lucky to know people who have a heart of gold and do not forget to please others. (Juliette, Ottawa)

March Article - March: "Amazing women from the past to the present"

Thank you and congratulations for Alberte Articles about famous women. Admired and We all touched by Dr. Annie Powers, a star in the firmament! (Gilberte, Rockland Ont.)

Congratulations Alberte!  I did not know thesis wonderful women. It's nice to Recognize, validate Their importance.  Yourself, you are share of These wonderful women, women of resilience That keep smiling DESPITE the weather.  Happy International Women's Day! ( Lysette Brochu, Gatineau, Que.)

 *  Thanks for your always interesting item and I find women Who Were ble to take in That Time Was not easy. My great friend, Rolande, Mireille Roy Went to Haiti to volunteer for two weeks, she is very brave and Devoted to His cause. (Pierrette, Embrun, Ont.)
April in April article-section: "Intergenerational Storytelling"
Alberte, I l oved your story! Can not believe how much Lea looks like her mother. You must be so proud of your family! (Ronnie, from Florida)
* C is super nice my boyfriend! Beautiful story!  Margaret Mead's quote and your philosophy to today's children. ! Perfect  Aim the best hand of the article - yes, I'm shallow today is the ice cream bar covered in chocolate and nuts. Yummmy ! 
Nothing like a little bar to take us back in time in the past Where you thought of nothing else purpose break the chocolate very gently, do not fall down. Then take the time to lick this delicious fresh cold ice cream. Yumm! Yumm!  Congratulations dear Alberte you managed to give me hunger for this little delight. What story from real life! (Lucie Thériault, Embrun)

Very nice article, recalling Many Memories. Amazing how life Has Changed. At times, You Would Think We Lived there two hundred years. Yet there is not so long ... (Colette, Ottawa)


 May article - May "Sexual Assault Awareness"

This was an excellent article, Alberte. You touched on So Many uncomfortable topics like incest That people do not want to aim the cat it's essential for em to do so. No one should be ashamed When They Are Being so terribly victimized. I taped the show on the astronomical number of women are raped in India Have you. That I Plan to watch later. Women made great strides-have, for sure, we aim Certainly-have a lot of work to do and you do your part! Good for you. (Sigrid, Ottawa, On.)

Thank you for this article as informative as touching. This subject remains taboo, victims are afraid to report Their tormentor for a multitude of Reasons.
Violence or sexual abuse in a marriage, Reviews Reviews another topic That I find interesting. Often, this kind of abuse is unknown by the mere fact That the victim is in a relationship with the abuse. (Amina Hufane)
Dear Alberte,  I feel so much admiration and gratefulness for you and Lucie! You are inspiring Both  women on the move . It's wonderful Lucie That Had the Courage to free herself from a painful burden Such as incest. Even more wonderful That She wrote a book to help other victims get rid of tragic memories, to find serenity and happiness, to help stop incest.  wonderful Also, Alberte, is the fact That you help reach Lucie Those victims by talking about her book. Who knows? There certainly is more than one person for Hopping Such a book, Such a helpful guide.  A New Legacy for Incest Survivors  holds the light and power to open the doors behind All All All which WAS ounce abused child has-beens suffering, maybe for years, from guilt, shame , low self-esteem and loneliness. In a way, the trauma and consequences Brought along by incest are similar to the locked-in syndrome. HOWEVER, as Lucia Proves it, there is a key to unlock That syndrome.
What I appreciate about your articles, Alberte, is your love for life and people. I sincerely feel That You want to help everyone be the best person possible, the happiest possible.  Only once shall we walk on this beautiful earth of ours ... and a very short walk it is indeed. Let's all try to leave footprints That Will Make the world a better place. That, and Alberte Lucie, you certainly do. I sincerely congratulate and thank you. ( Colette, Ottawa)
 June article - Article  of June, "Time to take a stand" in praise of Justin Trudeau and his firm pro-choice stand

  • Alberte, thank you very much for this article and all other (never-have time to answer you). Goal Quickly now, I am sending you a note. You are passionate and defend what you shoulds be. Congratulations and thank you. ( Arlette Ottawa)
*    Thank you my beautiful Alberte to be the voice of many people do not dare Have you.   I always love reading you! ( Marie Mignault Orleans) Hi Alberte!
* I totally agree with your words. You can not back with this issue is abortion . Take Action. ( Andrée ;)

July article - Article July "Que sera sera"

Your texts Developed so help me to Consider the terrible cancer That darkens my life.  Alberte Many thanks and good summer. (Anita B.)
* Very well done. Especially I liked the phrase " Those Who come out stronger, Whether it be through loss or glory, Those Who are flexible and adaptable REMAIN. " ! (Don G., Ottawa)

*   Hello!  so I appreciate your thoughts on life in general, the news ... We're on the same wavelength!  And yes, I am old enough to remember the song of the beautiful Doris Day! (Andrée, Ottawa)

Comments 2013

Hello dear cousin!  I Listened to your interview with Jean-Paul Moreau this morning and I want to congratulate you. You have been excellent. I was very surprised to learn That You Get Involved with people incarcerated. Well done! continue this good work and . myself. You do not cease to amaze The interview was very relaxed, interspersed with beautiful music room. This is the first time I listen to this radio (CJFO). (Réjeanne Navan) 

Dear Alberte, j 'Indeed-have Listened to your interview this morning on 94.5. True to yourself, you-have Demonstrated your sweetness, your happiness and your strength falling on the interview. Such Your life is an interesting story and I'm safe Many women can find Themselves in you and your stories. Your story is one of survival. You have the smile in His voice. I envy you odd cable to devote time to writing. Alberte My mother Continued. You make a little merry way. You change lives and be happy ... Bravo! (Andree, Ottawa :) 

The real McCoy or a clone! - (February) Alberte Congratulations! How true what you say and thank you for Being our spokesperson. (Gilberte Pilon, Rockland)

The real McCoy or a clone! - (February) Alberte Congratulations . Your Article shoulds be posted up on the public square It is still too soon to chi .... the head of our Elected while forgetting That It is we Who Have Elected. Finally, we-have the politicians we deserve ... (GP , Ottawa, Ont.)

The real McCoy or a clone! - (February) Thanks for the good words about McGuinty. Due to the current crisis, all He Has done well. Seems in the past to be forgotten (Lucie S, Limoges)

Following the conference Women's Day at City College - Alberte Congratulations! Do not give up!

May live and there you feel so intense situations to be ble to write the story and talk with Both heart needed. Surely This is why you joined all your sisters, the women present. May we all take with  re-understanding the greatness of our beingness . (Murielle Tremblay, Gatineau, Que.) A big thank you for thinking of me by sending me an invitation! My friends and I thoroughly enjoyed reading your. Your life experience HAS Profoundly affected us. Read. . . Heard. . . HAS totally different perception. For my part, I Consider That all costs can be found in the depths of our guts, resilience and continued to get by. ! Hope to continue to hear from you (Françoise, Ottawa, Ont.)

Narcissism and Its Counterparts. past, present and future ! Take heed (March) . Alberte, I read this article with interest.  Raises a Question It All which I Had little awareness of. It Gives me the motivation to start reading your novel. (Guy, Ottawa, Ont.)

Alberte, I think you really talked about this with an open heart! This is the story many women like you are still living today. Such situations are unacceptable. Thank you . (Denise, Ottawa, Ont.)

Alberte dear, I admire your frankness .... You Had bits of hard life and you share to help others ... I would love to read your first novel. 're Obviously a woman of courage.
During the early 80s, I Worked in a shelter, Then a program of counseling for abused women, later a group action against violence against women, etc. .. .

It was not my place, because i left my skin Almost there. Could not I rub the violence so close. ... But I breathed more thesis-have changed my life experiences. They Gave me an understanding of the plight of women and made I always wanted someone Who has to "make the advancement of women." (Jeannine, Ottawa, Ont.)

Stop Bullying ... Inspire INSTEAD of intimidating (10 May 2013)

. First, I wanted to congratulate you and Lea for the beautiful work you do on bullying. Second, the effort you put to make the Message Will Be Heard. Too Often we are Told stories: such as That of the girl in Nova Scotia. With perseverance, You Will make a big difference in our society. (Agnes Caron, Rockland, Ont.)

Alberte, I just read your text. Well done. The Entire Planet Needs people like you! I wish you all the success in the world with your books, conferences, and activities to make this world a better place Where everyone can live free from the suffering Caused by the Lack of empathy and humanity. Keep on Trying! (Jeannine, Ottawa, Ont.)

Congratulations on your book and keep up the good work in the fight against bullying. Understand The World Needs to people like you all the evil Abebooks web do and learn to respect every human. (Pierrette, Orleans, Ont.)



Following the outcome "Ginette Gratton gets" aired June 5, 2013

Dear Alberte,
What  I am amazed by your interview with Ginette! I am very Moved. There are no words to tell you what I feel. And this little  Leah ... Surely it is a wise old soul in a child's body. Your  pride beamed. What beautiful light and love you project!

Your daughter and her family are very, very fortunate to have you in Their  life. That is really wealth to bequeath to His children and  grandchildren.  What a beautiful soul! Congratulations and congratulations!  (Lucie, Embrun, Ont.) 

Authenticity: How can I be more real? (7 June 2013) 

It is safe to take our own lives choose That Makes us free. Free to choose our destiny Purpose are not really free as Those Who Agree to accept the consequences of Their choices, Whatever They are positive and negative. It is the acceptance of That thesis consequences make us balanced beings. ( Claire Trépanier, Ottawa, Ont. )

Always so inspiring! I appreciate your openness in the way you see life. ( Andree, Ottawa, Ont. :)

Article very well put together, Alberte! Thank you, Denise Linn-have Summarized About That I Have Not Had the opportunity to hear Elsewhere. (Carole, Gatineau, Que.)

THANK YOU for this article full of common sense! We must rejuvenate our ideas and progress forward not backward! .....
CONGRATULATIONS on your beautiful plant! This is not to doubt ...... you Alberte green thumb! ( Juliette, Ottawa ;-)

A prayer for Helen

Dear Alberte
I finally read "A Prayer for Helen." Forgive me for the delay. Time flies so fast ...  
Finally, I Spent a pleasant time with Diane, Nicole Luce, Helen, Louisette Bernard and children ... The text flows Easily, you're a storyteller sacred. And still, you-have this Because of the "violence against women" in the heart.  Alberte Congratulations! It is well done and you know we caught up in the whirlwind of history. You have a lot of imagination and breath.  Affectionately, keep up the good work!  (Lysette, Gatineau, Que.) 
Who I Am is significant (Article in October Perspectives Vanier)
Hi Alberte 
I love your article - I love guide, and be a catalyst for people to rediscover Accompany and "tap in" their innate light, Their essence ... releasing all the labels you wear, buy, unconsciously adhered to ... and odd defends . (Marie Mignault, Orleans, Ont.)